Liberty Bail Bonds is proud of its dedicated staff. In addition to bondmen who provide fair and ethical treatment to everyone, we offer courteous and professional service. Our full staff is available to serve your needs, either on call or on duty, 24 hours a day, everyday.

Jacksonville Bail Bondsman

David MacDonald
Owner and Licensed Surety Agent (Bondsman)

Jacksonville Bail BondsmanWhy should you call LIBERTY BAIL BONDS? Because I have also hired the best team of Dedicated Bondman and staff in Jacksonville To help you with what ever you problem maybe. Liberty Bail Bonds has been here since 1984. Our office is open 24 hour a day.

You can always talk to a person not an answer machine. You will always get Quick, Courteous, and Confidential service day or night by call 634-0000. We are only two blocks from the jail so call us.

Jacksonville Bail Bondsman

Sherri Koslow
Licensed Surety Agent (Bondsman)

Jacksonville Bail BondsmanI have been in the bail business for over ten years. I have worked for this company for over two years now. I am also a former Marine so I know even under challenging circumstances I can get things done, day or night and even weekends.

So call that number 634-0000.

Let my Professional service help you!

Jacksonville Bail Bondsman

Carolyn Jenkins (CJ)
Head Administration Clerk
Computer Data Entry

Jacksonville Bail BondsmanI have worked for this company for over four years now. When you need help this is the company to call. I have found out that it is real satisfaction to help people get out of jail and reunited with their love ones.

I am proud to work with the Owners and team of bail bondman they really care about what they do. So call that number 634-0000.