Liberty Bail Bonds takes great pride in our reputation and mission. Take a look at what some clients have had to say.

"Liberty is great! I called at two-thirty on Sunday morning and Moe got my brother out of jail within two hours!"
D.H., Orange Park, FL

"I have never gone through anything like this before and I pray I never do again. Trying to get my son out of jail was so frustrating and no one would tell me the truth. The I called Liberty. Your employee was so nice. She explained everything to me and even called the jail while I was on the phone to see if my son's clearance was in. Bless you, Liberty. You were there when I needed you."
M.W., Jacksonville, FL

"The night my husband went to jail for a DUI, I called every number in the book and no one answered until I dialed Liberty. When Sherri answered the phone I could have kissed her. She worked with me for several hours until my husband got clearance and put his bond in."
R.M., Mandarin (Jacksonville), FL

"Since I am only seventeen, I could'nt get anyone to work with me when my father was in jail. You guys took the time to push me for more information because I had no idea how to get a bond. I followed your advice and called my aunt. I wasted so much time calling all those other guys. I'm sorry I didn't call you first. Thanks for working so hard to help me."
J.T., Arlington (Jacksonville), FL

"I have never had to deal with police and jail before in my life so I asked a neighbor what to do. She suggested I call Liberty because you helped her when her nephew was in jail. I did, and she was right. The bondsman that answered when I called was so patient and helpful. I am so glad you were there when I needed you. I pray I never need to deal with you ever again, but if I do, you'll be the first ones I call".
S.G.., Jacksonville, FL

"I called every bondsman in Green Cove, and got nothing but answering machines. Thank goodness I ran across your name in the phone book. Not only did you answer the phone, Terry drove all the way down here to get my son out of jail in the middle of the night so he wouldn't miss work the next morning."
H.B.., Green Cove Springs, FL

"When I got a call that my son was in jail in Atlanta, I didn't know what to do. A friend recommended Liberty so I called. In less than thirty minutes Shannon arranged a transfer bond and my son was out of jail within two hours! Since it was a weekend, I couldn't get enough cash from the bank to cover the premium, so Shannon accepted my credit card. Several of the other bondsmen I called couldn't accept credit cards. Thanks Liberty, from me... and my son."
M.Y.., Mayport (Jacksonville, Beach), FL & Atlanta, GA